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Apart from the high qulaity authentic food that we prepare, we also provide you with other party related services like an excellent cake section which can be tasilored to your requirements, an affordable party hall with great ambience, and several event management services.

Party Cakes

We specialise in handmade cakes to make your occasion special be it weddings, christenings, birthdays, children’s parties or any events. In London, people choose us for the variety of our cakes and the designs which are customised to your requirements.

Party Cakes
Wedding Cakes Cakes

Party Hall

If you are looking for a party space different from the rest and is affordable, well look no more, Chennai Chutney is located in Harrow and is ideal for your parties and events!

We can use the restaurant as private room for your parties and events. Whether it’s a birthday party, business meeting, presentation, or even sports events, we can help. We can offer a diverse range of cuisines and can seat up to 48 people for private dining or even 68 for a party. Once booked, whatever your needs we will try to accommodate.


Event Management

Events, small or big, our event management team will work with you to ensure your event and parties are a hit. Our talented team will be at hand to make sure your party goes smoothly and perfectly.

We are experts in creating truly memorable parties that you will cherish for a lifetime. When you are considering a party, birthdays or events for your family and friends, get in touch with our party organisers to make it truly memorable.

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